Rowing WOD 4/25/15: Row 2k! – Checkout the CrossFit Rowing Summer Camp June 13-14! #RowStrong

Rowing WOD:

2k Here We Come!

2k Row

Today’s Rowing WOD is a 2k Row.  It’s a test of how much pain and glory you can endure over seven to eight minutes.  Grab some friends and get after it.  This is our second test of the Spring season and will give you an idea of how much you’ve improved since our last test over a month ago.  Knowing your 2k time, split, and stroke rating is important.  It will allow you to game Rowing WODs in competition, whether it’s Jackie, a 2k at the Games, or any other Rowing WOD that pops up at local competitions this summer. Be in the moment, execute your splits, smile, have some fun, breath, and get after it!

CF Rowing Summer CampIf you’re interested in taking your 2k split and learning how to pull it on the water, Concept2 and CrossFit Rowing have just the seminar for you.  Back by popular demand, Concept2 and Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont will be hosting a 2-Day CrossFit Rowing Trainer’s Course this June.  On June 13 and 14th you can learn to own your stroke on the erg and on the water with some awesome coaches and beautiful facilities.  I’ve participated in this course and hosted it.  Hands down this is an amazing opportunity for someone looking to get into the sport and enjoy the great state of Vermont!  Register below!


Post your 2k results to comments!  Let us know if you PR!

The Possibilities of Mobility and Rowing – How can you make an improvement to your stroke using mobility?

Drew's new Catch Positioning

Drew’s new Catch Positioning

As a coach I work with many different athletes.  Yesterday I started my day coaching a group of Military Rowers from CRI.  Half of them are brand new to the sport of rowing and half of them have been rowing for years.  After that I worked with the Boston College Men’s Rowing Team.  Later that morning I taught a new private client to row on the erg in the gym.  Then I finished the day working with the Renegade Juniors who are working to make the CRI Competitive Team move boats faster.

Of all the tools I use with these athletes, whether it’s lifting form, rowing drills, or conditioning, mobility work has the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to making a change in rowing form.  If an athlete can figure out what is tight and what is limiting them from making a change, then they’ve got a shot at making a change.  Of course figuring out  what is tight/limiting is a challenge in itself, but once that happens you can introduce various mobility exercises to help increase range of motion and make the change.  In future posts I will roll out some of my favorite movement screens to help determine what is tight/limiting, but for now take a look at the possibilities.

Below are two videos of Drew, a renegade rower training to be elite. The first one is from 2013.  Notice his hunch/lunge with his torso and shoulders at the catch.  After that, watch the second video, taken last week.  Notice how his torso is much more upright and his shoulders stay locked into a stronger position.  In order to achieve this change he has been working on mobility in his hips and shoulders for the past 6 months.  Checkout yesterdays post to see his current mobility routine.

Let us know what you think in the comments.  Have you had any success making an improvement/change to your stroke by focusing on mobility?

Video Review: RR Mobility w/ Drew – What’s your favorite mobility exercise for Rowing?

The Renegade Rowing Team drilling by Moonlight!

Watch the video below and then get loose and enjoy 15 minutes of hamstring and hip mobility.

  • Share your thoughts in the comments

Over the past week we’ve hit it pretty hard with intensity and higher volume.  Our ability to sit up and maintain a solid core through the stroke has a lot to do with our mobility and range of motion through each joint.  The work we do everyday before, after, and during our training to promote recovery and rebuilding of the muscle fibers we tear is very important.  Use today as an opportunity to stretch out and rebuild those hips and shoulders, increase your flexibility, and eat some good quality food.

Here’s a video of what Drew does everyday to improve his mobility in the boat, especially at the front end of the stroke.  Tomorrow I’ll have a couple of before and after videos of how this has affected Drew’s rowing.

Share your favorite mobility move, where you’re feeling it today, and how you mobilized!

S&C WOD 4/22/15: “High Noon” – 12-1 of Row, BJ, and PU – Post Time

Strength and Conditioning WOD:Rowing in Boston!

“High Noon”

For Time Complete …

12-11-10- … -3-2-1

Row for Calories

Box Jumps (24/20)

Push Ups

In today’s Rowing WOD really focus on good connection and suspension with the legs.  In this workout you will perform the work as follows: complete 12 calories on the erg, then 12 box jumps, then 12 push ups, then 11 calories, 11 box jumps, 11 push ups, … and so on. Coming off the push ups your arms may be feeling it so work for efficiency and power with the legs on the erg.  Also, be sure to strive for virtuosity and complete each rep of the box jumps and push ups according to the standards of performance.  For box jumps you’re hips must be fully open above the box and for push ups your chest must touch the ground.  For maximum fun grab a partner and have a High Noon Showdown!  Who can make it to 1 first? 3-2-1 Go!

Post time to comments!

Rowing WOD 4/21/15: 6x650m w/ 1:45 Rest – Post Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Renegade Rowing League Competitors throwing down in the 2k!

6 x 650m w/ 1:45 Rest


Are you ready for our next 2k?  This is a Rowing WOD we did earlier this year and today is a chance to test your training and see if you’re ready to go.  Use today’s Rowing WOD to test out your race strategy. Perform the first two pieces with a focus on consistency in stroke rating and splits. If you’re feeling solid try to go a little bit faster each consecutive piece.  If you have your splits from December try to improve upon them and finish stronger on the last couple of pieces.  Next week we’ll be dialing in our speed with shorter intervals, so get after it today.  Now is the time to see what you’ve got and push yourself.

Post your average splits for each piece to comments!