S&C WOD 7/1/15: “High Noon Mod” – 12-10-8-6-4-2 of Row, BJ, and PU – Post Time

Happy July!  Get pumped, race day is coming!

Game Faces are on!  Bring on that 2k!

Strength and Conditioning WOD:

“High Noon Mod”

For Time Complete 


Row for Calories

Box Jumps (24/20)

Push Ups

In today’s Rowing WOD really focus on good connection and suspension with the legs.  In this workout you will perform the work as follows: complete 12 calories on the erg, then 12 box jumps, then 12 push ups, then 10 calories, 10 box jumps, 10 push ups, … and so on. Coming off the push ups your arms may be feeling it so work for efficiency and power with the legs on the erg.  Also, be sure to strive for virtuosity and complete each rep of the box jumps and push ups according to the standards of performance.  For box jumps you’re hips must be fully open above the box and for push ups your chest must touch the ground.  For maximum fun grab a partner and have a High Noon Showdown!  Who can make it to the end first? 3-2-1 Go!

Post time to comments!

Rowing WOD 6/30/15: 10 x 250m w/ :45r – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

Does your race plan involve you're Warm Up?

10 x 250m w/ 45 seconds Rest

  • Execute Race Plan
  • Post Splits to Comments

Here’s a great Rowing WOD to start finalizing your game plan for the 2k.  Those with experience know the benefit of pacing, gaming, and executing a plan to produce a personal best performance.  In the end a game plan facilitates mental toughness and focus to deal with pain when things get tough.

Today’s focus is Rowing.  In the Rowing WOD focus on executing a 2k race plan at high intensity.  Set the monitor for intervals distance with 250m of Work and 45 seconds of Rest.  Row the first two pieces as if they were the start of the 2k.  Row the next three pieces as if they were part of the second 500m, Row the next three pieces as if they were part of the third 500m, and finish the last two pieces with a sprint like the end of a race.

This should not be an all out 250m Max Effort, but rather a calculated effort at a split close to what you think your current 2k split would be.  The goal should be to pull the lowest split possible, consistently through all 10 intervals.  For example: alternating between splits of 1:50 and 2:00 is inefficient.  Instead consistently pull 1:55 every interval.

Post your Splits and Thoughts to comments.

**** Example Dynamic Warm Ups ****

Renegade Rowing Dynamic WarmUp

Renegade Rowing DROM In Place

Why Rowing? – Why Now? – Why Not? – Thoughts from Coach Pat

“Why Rowing?” Is a question I keep coming back to, day after day, month after month, year after year.  Why after studying engineering, getting a bachelor’s in engineering, getting a master’s in engineering, and working as an engineer for four years did I end up here?  It definitely wasn’t the money or the benefits, at least not yet.  But the not yet is the exciting part.

In 2011 I took a sabbatical from my engineering job.  I moved to Boston, a rowing mecca to many, and I started a year-long fellowship at the Institute for Rowing Leadership.  My goal was to become an ambassador for the Sport of Rowing and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Fast forward to now and Rowing is taking the world by storm.

BC Men Review Deadlift and Squat form with PVC Pipes outside of CRI's Harry Parker Boathouse

On a daily basis I have the privilege of working with high school athletes, college athletes, young professionals, lawyers, doctors, students, moms and dads, sisters and brothers, and everyone in between.  Why Rowing?  It’s because of all of these people.  Rowing provides an opportunity for any athlete, tall or small, young or old, fit or not, experienced or not, healthy or injured to make an improvement and better not just ones self, but the community as a whole.  Rowing is a way to escape the deadlines and put a pause to the hoop jumping whether it’s in the office, at home, or in school.  It’s a chance to focus on yourself as an individual while at the same time becoming part of a team.  Rowing is a chance to see your effort, hard work, and determination pay off as part of something bigger.  When you get right down to it, at all ends of the rowing spectrum, novice to elite, Rowing is Fun.  Just go watch a 3-year-old sit on an erg for the first time and give them the handle.  You’ll see what I mean.

RRT practicing the release in singles!

So Why Now?  Rowing has been around forever.  It’s one of the most important functional movements.  It’s how we got here.  It’s how we’ve gotten from point A to point B over the water for hundreds of years.  Rowing is one of the first Olympic sports.  The reason now is the time to get into Rowing is because it’s become more accessible to everyone.

In England almost all kids learn to row in grade school.  Instead of cutting gym class all together, kids are able to compete and have fun sliding back and forth on the Concept2 Ergometer.  It’s part of the culture there and in many countries around the world.  Here in the United States, college scholarships are up for grabs and world-renowned competitions like the Head of the Charles Regatta and CRASH-B Indoor World Rowing Championships (both held right here in Boston) have been getting major coverage and drawing crowds from all over.

The RRC attacking the 2k Row!

Do a quick search for Rowing in any major city in the U.S., like New York, Philly, LA, Boston, Chicago, Houston.  I guarantee you’ll find multiple options to jump in and row both on and off the water.  Waterways in the U.S. are more accessible to the general public then ever before.  Local boat clubs would love nothing more to get you in a boat and on the water.  You’ll also find Rowing Gyms that will kick your butt in a 30-60min class that will leave you sweating in a puddle on the floor and asking for more.  Bottom line is the opportunity exists to Row Now.  Rowing is a life long sport that will whip you into shape and give you a community of friends that will keep you functioning at the highest level as we experience this journey together.

So what’s stopping you?  Why not try Rowing?  What’s holding you back from getting in the best shape of your life, meeting some awesome new people, and having some fun while you’re at it?  Do you think it’s to hard to learn?  Are you not in shape enough to start?  Do you not have the time or money?

Bob and Coach Pat attacking the 2k at CRASH-B 2014

Whatever you’re thinking, my answer to you is do it.  Give Rowing a shot!  Rowing will change your life as it has changed mine.  When I first started coaching this sport I never dreamed it would become my profession or I’d be posting my 1,000th blog post as I am today.  I still have a lot to learn, as we all do, but I’m inspired by the fact that the possibilities for the sport of rowing are endless and it truly is a sport for everyone.  There are plenty of great coaches out there who can teach you how to row.  You don’t have to be in the best shape to start and join in.  You can find the time and the money, because it’s an investment in you and your community, two things that matter a lot!  Rowing is a way to health.  If you’re in doubt, just come by the gym and I’ll show you.  I’d be happy to work with you and help you change your life forever!

If you or someone you know could benefit from rowing.  Please get in touch.

Every Monday at 8am I will release the Renegade Rowing Training Plan.  That way all of you Renegades out there can keep crushing it at home or in your local gym.  If you ever need help or have questions with anything relating to Rowing and Strength Training, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or shoot me an email – pat@renegaderowing.com.

RR Training Plan 6-29-15

Keep working hard and I hope to see you on the river or in the gym soon!


Coach Pat

Rowing WOD 6/27/15: 5x1k w/ 4min Rest – Post Fastest and Slowest Times/Splits

Rowing WOD:CFRowing Trainer Course Drills

5 x 1k w/ 4:00 rest

  • Execute Race Pace
  • Row like it’s the middle 1,000m of a 2k

While it’s good to constantly vary your training to push your boundaries, there is something to be said about repetition to build your confidence!  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to build your aerobic capacity and work on a couple of tactical and technique fixes.

Have a game plan for each piece including the split and stroke rating you want to hold.  Ideally each piece will be done consistently or a little bit faster.  If you’re working on efficiency or sequencing, focus on one fix each piece.  Perhaps you find your breath and rhythm on the first.  Or maybe it’s sequencing and body preparation that needs attention on the second.  If you choose the right pace it will build your confidence and you will be ready to tear up your next 2k and Rowing WOD. Below are some goals and times to think about.

Post your fastest and slowest times!

Interval Time = 3:15; Goal 2k Time = 6:30

Interval Time = 3:30; Goal 2k Time = 7:00

Interval Time = 3:45; Goal 2k Time = 7:30

Interval Time = 4:00; Goal 2k Time = 8:00

Interval Time = 4:15; Goal 2k Time = 8:30

Interval Time = 4:30; Goal 2k Time = 9:00

S&C WOD 6/26/15: Re-Test: AMRAP12 – 12 Air Squats, 9 Push Ups, 6 Box Jumps, 400m Row – Post Score

Strength and Conditioning WOD:

The RRC attacking the 2k Row!

Re-Test: AMRAP12

12 Air Squats

9 Push Ups

6 Box Jumps

400m Row

  • Post Score to Comments.

Our next 2k is almost here!  Get in some solid work each day from now until then and be sure you’re recovering and feeling good.

Today’s Focus is Strength and Conditioning. Practice full range of motion in all movements.  If your form is solid, then go as fast as possible.  Push the intensity and get fired up like it’s the third 500m of your 2k.

Get after it and have a solid weekend!