Rowing WOD 10/13/15: 10x1min Race Pace w/ 45sec Rest – Post Avg Split

Rowing WOD:

Head of the Charles is this weekend! Get Excited!

10 x 1min Race Pace

w/ 45sec Rest

  • Row Each Minute As Follows:
  • :30 @32 s/m
  • (then Ratio Shift)
  • :30 @30 s/m (Hold Same Split)

We’ve been working on ratio and shifting up and down the stroke ratings.  Today’s Rowing WOD is all about putting that ratio shift to work in a race situation.  Whether you’re on the water or on the erg the ability to ratio shift will allow you to breathe a split-second longer and under stroke your opponents.  Essentially you’ll become more efficient and be able to store up a bit of extra energy/focus to walk through someone later in the race.  Keep in mind this is at race pace and will be tough to maintain as you fatigue, so stay sharp and mentally strong.  Focus on squeezing with the legs and having quick hands out of the finish.  When you shift from a 32 to a 30, push a little more with the legs, have quick hands, then lengthen out the slide on the recovery.  Take a good breath and settle right to the 30 stroke rating.  The goal should be to maintain the same split through the whole minute.

Post your average split for the workout to comments.

Rowing WOD 10/12/15: Shuttle Run Pyramid (30min Cap) – Post Time or Levels Completed

Rowing WOD:

BC Men's Crew and I doing a Row, Run, WOD, Run, Row! Training as a team raises both intensity and fun!

Shuttle Run Pyramid  (30 Minute Cap)

1,250m Row – 6 shuttles       

1,000m Row – 4 shuttles      

750m Row – 3 shuttles         

500m Row – 2 shuttles       

250m Row – 1 shuttle

The beauty of Rowing lies in the opportunity to push yourself as an individual and as part of a team.  Today’s workout is a shuttle run pyramid and a good example of how training with a partner can take your effort and performance to the next level.  If you don’t have a training partner you can still do this workout, but it would be a lot more fun to grab someone from the gym and show them what rowing is all about.

One partner will start on the rower and one will start on the run.  The rower completes the noted distance while the partner sprints the noted number of shuttle/wind sprints.  For the run, designate a starting line and then setup three cones at 10m, 20m, and 30m.  One shuttle run will be down and back three times to a different cone each time; in other words – touch the 10 and run back, touch the 20 and back, touch the 30 and back.  The partner that finishes each round first gets time to rest!

Post Time or Levels Completed to comments.

Rowing WOD Demo with Renegade Rowing (From a few years ago! Back when this adventure began!)

Rowing WOD 10/10/15: 2x3k Row w/ 6min Rest – Post Avg. Splits

Try this RWOD on the water if possible!

2 x 3k Row w/ 6min Rest as follows …

  • 1k @26 s/m (@5k+5)
  • 1k @28 s/m (@5k+3)
  • 1k @5k Race Pace

Why is rowing fun?  One reason is that it provides a challenge in learning technique to be as efficient as possible while working everything from your head to your toes.  Elsewhere in sports and training, if you’ve tried the Pose Method of running you may understand the beauty of focusing on technique and the perception of what your body is doing in space. Focusing on form and technique gives your mind something to work toward rather than complaining about how much your legs burn.

At the end of the month we’ll be doing a week of testing to end the fall season and see where we’re at going into the winter.  We’ll be testing all distances, so keep training hard and keep it fun.  Focus on hitting the prescribed ratings and splits.  As we transition into the winter training period we’ll begin focusing on the 2k for the Renegade Rowing League and CRASH-B’s.  They’ll be here before you know it, so get pumped!

Today’s Rowing WOD is a good opportunity to focus on one or two form fixes but get after it as well.  Set the monitor for Intervals Distance and enter 3,000m of Work and 6 minutes of rest.  This WOD has the potential to build your confidence for the 5k.  Come up with a plan and execute.  Be consistent with your splits and stroke ratings for both pieces.  If possible go a little bit faster every 1k.  5k Race pace should be at a stroke rating of 28-32 strokes per minute.  Find your efficient stroke.  Novices should focus on one form fix for each piece and work hard.

Post your Average 500m Splits to Comments!

Rowing WOD 10/9/15: 6RFT – 250m Row, 15 Wall Balls, 1min Rest – Post Time and Splits

BC Men's Crew getting after some Wall Balls earlier this season

6 Rounds For Time

250m Row (@2k – 2 Pace)

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

1min Rest

Wall balls are great because they’re a pushing movement to counteract the pulling on the erg, but even more important they can mimic the explosiveness and rhythm of the rowing stroke.  During the drive phase of a wall ball you’re driving through the heels and finishing on the toes with full extension of the hips.  As soon as the ball leaves your hands you begin the recovery just like in rowing and your body has a second to gather itself, find balance, breathe, and then begin to load up the legs for the next drive as you catch the ball and sit back into a squat.  In competition you may be focused on cycling through them and bouncing out of the bottom, but in training you can focus on being smooth and adding some control on the way down.  This will give you a sense of the feeling you need during the recovery on the erg.  When rowing we want to stay light on the foot-stretchers as we swing and slide up to the catch.  Just as we approach the catch we should feel the weight start to come on to the big toe/balls of our feet.  Then when we’re ready to connect the chain to the fly-wheel and drive we put all of our weight on the footboards and push through the whole foot trying to suspend from the handle.  As you warmup for Today’s Rowing WOD try to feel these things.  Gaining awareness of our bodies as we move through full range of motion is key to mastering all of the general physical skills we’re developing.

Post your Time to comments!

Rest Day 10/8/15: Go For a Walk! Along the Charles if Possible!

BC Men Spinning at the Canoe Kayak Dock - close to the finish line of the HOCR

Go For a Walk! Along the Charles if Possible!

Life get’s crazy, especially this time of year as we gear up for fall parties and the holidays.  Speaking of Holidays, the Head of the Charles is known to rowers as Rowing Christmas.  Every year on the third weekend of October, rowers past and present gather to remember the good old days and push themselves to the limit against the best in the world.  If you can get outside today, go for a walk along the Charles River.  You will more than likely see other random people both tall and small looking at the bridges and turns scouting their line for race day.  Keep an eye out for coaching launches filled with coxswains doing the same thing from the water.  The biggest regatta in the world is just over a week away.  Time to get excited!

Never seen the Head of the Charles Regatta before?  Try the following today!  Take 15 minutes today to stop.  Breathe.  And go for a walk.  If you’ve got a river or body of water nearby go for a stroll and watch some rowing.  How does the boat move in relation to the body?  What part of the stroke does the boat move the fastest?  How’s the form look compared to your erging?

If you’re lucky enough to do this please share your thoughts, where you were, and what you saw!