Rowing WOD 10/24/14: “Farm Erg” – 4RFT – 1k Row, 100m Farmer Carry – Post Time and Splits

Rowing WOD:

How will you carry the erg?

“Farm Erg”

4 Rounds For Time

1k Row

100m Farmer’s Carry (w/ Erg if Possible; otherwise {2/1.5 pd} each hand)

The Farmer’s Carry can be used to train core stability, grip strength, balance, and coordination.  Usually it’s done lifting odd objects like yokes, water filled pvc’s, sand filled kegs, or any other heavy objects lying around the gym.  Today we’re carrying the Erg.  Ensure you keep a solid core and let us know what you think is the most efficient way to carry an erg 100 meters!

It’s starting to get cold, but if you can get outside and you have an area to walk 100m with the erg then do it!  Otherwise you can sub a farmer’s carry with kettle bells in each hand.

The goal for each 1k Row should be to hold your average split for 2,000 meters plus 1 or 2 split seconds.  In other words, row each piece at a pace of 2k+1 or 2k+2.  Be consistent and work on improving one aspect of your form during each round.

Use this as an opportunity to test out the Undefined Rest feature on your Performance Monitor.  Select Intervals Distance, set the distance for 1,000m and then set the rest to “Undefined Rest”.  This will give you a running clock for the whole workout and allow you to sit down and row 1k each round without having to mess with the monitor.  If your monitor doesn’t have this feature you’ll have to use a stop watch.  Check here to find out how to update this feature on your monitor.

Post your time and splits.  Let us know how you carried the erg!

Rest Day 10/23/14: How do you get motivated? Share!

Rest Day:

Racing the Single at HOCR!

How do you get motivated?

The Head of the Charles took place last weekend in Boston.  A lot of rowers used the Head to get motivated by setting goals to place in the top 20, top 10, or top 3.  If you got a chance to check it out please share your thoughts and pictures.  Did witnessing one of the most awesome rowing events in the world get you motivated to commit toward your own goals or an upcoming event?

I’m looking forward to getting the Renegade Rowing Club up and running for the winter and training for CRASH-B’s.  More details on the Renegade Rowing Club and the Renegade Rowing League will be out next Thursday, so keep a look out!

Approaching Western Ave. Bridge at HOCR!

Below is an excerpt from a great blog on motivation by Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition.  Check it out and tell us how you’re getting motivated this Winter!

The Land of Motivation

Motivation can be tough. It can be hard to find your way to Motivation-land, and once you get there, it can be even harder to stay. It takes at least a month to turn a behavior into a habit, and that month will typically be rife with challenges. Because, you know, the minute you decide to give up sugar or beer the next three social outings your friends plan are a baking pot luck and outing to your favorite craft beer bar…

On top of that, some research suggests it can take up to 3 years to reset your body’s homeostasis (sense of balance) at a new weight. What this means is, if you lose 20 pounds, it can take 3 years before you body recognizes this as its new and healthy weight.

But all that aside, there are a few tricks you can use to help you get motivated and stay motivated. These include:

…Read More!

Rowing WOD 10/22/14: 4k Row w/ Control and Burpees – Post Time and # of Burpees

Rowing WOD:Burpees and Rowing

4k Row w/ Control*

  • Row @26* s/m
  • 80% Effort
  • *Perform 5 Burpees every time the stroke rate deviates from a 26 for more than two strokes

Executing a game plan during a competition can really help keep you mentally strong and allow you to push right until the end.  A big part of developing a game plan on the rower is to develop your ability to control stroke rating and effort, how many strokes do you take per minute and how much force do you apply to the handle.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about dialing in that ability to be precise, hold a stroke rating, and put out a consistent effort every stroke.  Each time you start rowing you’re allowed 5 strokes to get to a 26 stroke rating.  After that you’re only allowed two consecutive strokes not at a 26 stroke rating.  It’s ok if every now and then you deviate as long as within two strokes you get the rating back to a 26. Pick a split that you can maintain at 26 s/m and be consistent with your effort each stroke, it should be hard to say a full sentence.  Each time you catch yourself taking three strokes not at a 26 hop off the erg and do 5 Burpees.  If you’re looking for fun make them lateral erg burpees seen above.

Post your time and number of Burpees to comments!

Rowing WOD 10/21/14: 10x:30 On, :30 Off – Max Pressure – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

2nd Place Medal at HOCR 2014

2nd Place Medal at HOCR 2014

10 x :30 On, :30 Off

  • Max Pressure
  • Splits should be lower than last Tuesday

It’s been a few months since we’ve done this workout.  We hit this Rowing WOD in June.  Now is a good time to look back and see how you’ve done with training both in consistency and progress toward your goals.  Next week we retest everything including peak power and the 2k.  Let’s kick this week off right by setting the tone today and doing everything we can to be ready for next week.  Go all out and push yourself today!

Congratulations to all those that competed at the Head of the Charles Regatta this weekend!  It was a beautiful couple of days and tons of people came out to support the sport of rowing.  There were some great showings by athletes and teams training with Renegade Rowing.  Drew Tennant came in Second in the Men’s Master 1x and the Boston College Men came in 8th and 25th in the Collegiate 8+.  Well done guys!  Keep pushing!

Post your average splits and stroke ratings.  Comment on your consistency and recovery between pieces.

Rowing WOD 10/20/14: 3x15min w/ 4min Rest – Post Distances

Rowing WOD:

Tryout for the Renegade Rowing Team this Friday!

3 x 15min w/ 4min Rest

Varying Stroke Rate as follows

  • 4min @ 20 s/m; 75% Pressure,
  • 3min @ 22 s/m; 80% Pressure,
  • 2min @ 24 s/m; 85% Pressure,
  • 1min @26 s/m; 90% Pressure,
  • 2min @24 s/m; 90% Pressure,
  • 3min @22 s/m; 90% Pressure

Today’s Rowing WOD will give athletes a chance to focus on a couple of technique fixes as well as gaining confidence to keep their head in the game every stroke for 15 minutes.  Pick a goal split you want to hold for each stroke rating and see how consistent you can be each time you’re at that rating.  Try to be a little more consistent and push a little bit farther each piece.  A good goal is to bring your split down by 3-5 seconds every time the rating shifts up.  When the rating shifts back down your goal should be to hold the same split you were holding on the last stroke rating.  Focus on smooth rhythm, vary the pressure of your drive and the length of your recovery to shift ratings, and breathe.

Report in with your distance rowed each piece.