Rowing WOD 8/15/14: AMRAP10 − 1 HSPU, 100m Row, … – Post Rounds + Reps

Rowing WOD:

Renegade Rowing Team after a solid practice learning the Triple Pause Drill.

As Many Rounds As Possible in 10min …

1 Handstand Push Up, 100m Row

2 Handstand Push Ups, 200m Row

4 Handstand Push Ups, 400m Row

8 Handstand Push Ups, 800m Row

… keep doubling the reps and distance each round.

Today’s Rowing WOD provides a chance to work on maintaining a tight midline and building our aerobic capacity.  No matter what scale you’re doing for the Handstand Push Ups, be sure to lock your ribs down with a tight belly, squeeze your butt, and point your toes to create tension throughout your whole body.  This will work both your core stability, needed for better posture in the boat, and your ability to transfer force to the oar.

After each set of HSPU get right on the erg and get the wheel spinning.  Try to keep steady pressure and hold a consistent split until you get your breath back.  Once your breath returns try to negative split the rest of the piece with a solid sprint in the last 100m.  The idea is each piece will get longer and you’ll have to rely on good form and breathing to get through it.  Dig deep and get after it!

Have a goal of the splits you would like to hold for each piece.  Just like the HSPU, focus on a solid core as you approach the catch and initiate with the legs.  Try to get as much power as you can from the legs to save your upper body for the HSPU.

Post your score, rounds + reps (every 10m is 1 rep), and any scales to comments.

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