What are you talking about? – Performance and Self Talk – DC 5/22

Performance Performance is the beautiful moment in sport when an athlete gets to put it all together.  Performance is the combination of mind and body, of physical and mental preparation.  Performance is when an athlete gets to challenge the skills … Continue reading

Rowing WOD 8/22/15: 2 x 4k w/ 7min Rest – Post Time, Splits, and Stroke Rate

Rowing WOD: 2 x 4k w/ 7min Rest 1st @26 (5k+5) 2nd @28-30 (5k+2) Executing a game plan during a competition can really help keep you mentally strong and allow you to push right until the end.  A big part … Continue reading

Rowing WOD 4/23/14: AMRAP8 − 750m Row, 15 Plate Burpees – Post Score

Rowing WOD: As Many Rounds As Possible in 8min … 750m Row (@2k Goal Pace) 15 Plate Burpees (Do a burpee and hop onto a 45 lb. Bumper Plate) In competition and training there is usually a prescribed time domain … Continue reading