Continual Learning – DC 5/24


Learning is a life long endeavor and is the essence of life itself.  With proper learning comes a sense of well-being and happiness.  Learning feeds into our preparation and improves our performance.  Plato believed that knowledge is already within us and learning is the process of uncovering it through recollection.  Recollection occurs through searching and questioning.  Why did that performance stink, or why was it so great?  What worked in our preparation and what didn’t?  We must be brave enough to challenge our long-held beliefs and keep open minds so that we can improve our preparation and performance.


Plato stated, “For true opinions, as long as they remain, are a fine thing and all they do is good, but they are not willing to remain long, and they escape from a man’s mind, so that they are not worth much until one ties them down by (giving) an account of the reason why.”  Our learning will focus on tying down our personal experiences and figuring out what works for us as a team and individuals.  The tools we’ll use include journaling and self-evaluation.

Daily Challenge 5/24:

Learn from a performance!  

It can be at home, work, in the gym, or on the water.  Figure out what worked and why.  Use the following tool to help you out!  Share your thoughts on Learning!

What do you think? Post comments here:

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