Rowing WOD 7/9: 3x10min w/ 2min Rest – Post Stroke Ratings

Rowing WOD 7/9:

3x10min w/ 2min Rest

1st 10min: (hold one stroke rate)

  • 2min @ 2:20
  • 2min @ 2:18
  • 2min @ 2:16
  • 2min @ 2:14
  • 2min @ 2:12

2nd 10min: (hold one stroke rate)

  • 2min @ 2:15
  • 2min @ 2:13
  • 2min @ 2:11
  • 2min @ 2:09
  • 2min @ 2:07

3rd 10min: (hold one stroke rate)

  • 2min @ 2:10
  • 2min @ 2:08
  • 2min @ 2:06
  • 2min @ 2:04
  • 2min @ 2:02

 Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to learn about stroke rating, rhythm, ratio, pressure, and control.  The goal is to pick one stroke rating for each 10 minute piece and hold it through all of the 2 minute shifts.  This will force you to control the recovery.  Try not to pause anywhere in the stroke.  The goal is to maintain continuous, smooth motion throughout the stroke, but to vary the speed/rhythm of the drive time versus the recovery time.  For the really high /500m splits the recovery may take two or three times as long as the drive.  Remember the recovery is an opportunity to breathe and relax, not to rush up the slide for the next stroke.

If you can master this workout you’ll be able to have full control over your pressure and effort in a WOD.  Instead of being afraid of rowing, you’ll be able to say – I’m going to hold this stroke rating and this split for this long – then I’ll be ready to hop off and crush whatever comes next.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be increasing the intensity of these types of pieces, so start developing your sense of control now while the intensity is less.  Really focus on your posture, sequencing, and form if you’re confident in your ability to control the split and the stroke rating.

Post your stroke ratings for each piece and share your thoughts on control.

What do you think? Post comments here:

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