Rowing WOD 7/11: 500m Slide Control Relay – Post Time

Rowing WOD 7/11:

500m Slide Control Relay

200m Run

500m Row @ 17 spm

500m Row @ 19

500m Row @ 21

500m Row @ 23

500m Row @ 21

500m Row @ 19

500m Row @ 17

200m Run

Rowing is both individual and team oriented.  Today provides a fun challenge for both the team and individual.  The team will be trying to finish as fast as possible and every individual will have an opportunity to focus on individual slide control and strength.  In terms of Competitions, this is a great opportunity to practice quick transitions on the erg or even experiment with rowing feet out.  

The workout should be run as follows.  Create teams of two or three.  On 3,2,1 Go! Run 200m as a team.  Then complete 7 separate 500m pieces.  A different rower must start each piece.  The catch is that each 500m must be rowed at the designated stroke rating with a tolerance of +/- one beat.  So for the first piece the stroke rating must be at a 16-18, with 17 being the ideal rate.  Rowers will have five strokes to get within the designated stroke rate.  After that, if the stroke rating goes outside of the tolerance zone, that rower must switch and a teammate must hop on.  After all 7 pieces are complete the whole team must run one more 200m sprint to finish the workout.  

One last catch, the teammates not rowing must do a plank hold while they wait and cheer.  Once the plank hold cannot be maintained with proper form, an Ass-to-Grass Squat should be performed.  If anyone’s back begins to act up focus on keeping a firm core as you initiate the drive and roll out while you wait.

Post your time and thoughts on slide control to comments.  Is it really necessary?

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