Rowing WOD 8/20: “7k in Heaven” – 7k Row w/ Rear End Elevated – Post Time

Recover to Strength!

Rowing WOD 8/20:

“7k in Heaven”

7k Row

w/ Rear End of Erg Elevated

Rowing is all about the legs.  If you can’t initiate the stroke with your legs than you’re missing an opportunity to go faster.  Today’s Rowing WOD will give you an opportunity to feel the weight come onto your feet at the catch, keep your legs engaged, and really stand up off the footboards.  Place the back of the erg on a 45# bumper plate and get after it.  What you’ll find is that you’re forced to eliminate two common problems, clenching the arms early and over-compressing the legs at the catch.

This wod will take the average person over 30 minutes so keep focused on an efficient push with the legs without letting yourself go at the catch.  Once you settle into the piece and get used to using the legs more, then you can cycle through the following three concepts, which will help keep your form all the way through the piece.


1. Consistent Pressure

  • Feel consistent pressure on the handle and the feet all the way through the drive.  Put the monitor on the power curve display by hitting the second arrow button from the top while you’re rowing.  The ideal curve you’re looking for is a smooth, inverse parabola.  Make that happen and you’ll have consistent pressure.
  • Also focus on holding a consistent split and stroke rating all the way through.  Whatever you can hold keep it consistent, efficient, and smooth.

2. Pointed Finish

  • Try to row the first half of the piece with your feet out of the straps.  As you finish the stroke ensure that you’re pointing your toes and your elbows.  This will promote a full pull without dumping your weight and having to do more work on the recovery.  Stay seated on your sit bones all the way through.  If you can master this you’ll be much more efficient.  Try to keep those feet attached to the footboards at all times…that’s how you transfer force to the handle.

3. Recover to Strength!

  • Hold your legs down as you finish the stroke and then swing your arms and body forward to start the recovery.  Keep your chest up and transfer the weight from the back of your seat to the front.  As you get half way up the slide you should be in a strong athletic position with your torso angled forward of your hip.  Broad Chest, Bones Stacked, Solid Core.  Ready for anything!

Get after it and post your time to comments!

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