Rowing WOD 9/12: For Time – 4k Row, 30 Power Cleans, 20 Push Press, 10 Push Ups – Post Time

Rowing WOD 9/12:

For Time –

4k Row

30 Power Cleans (95/65)

20 Push Press (95/65)

10 Push Ups

Use today’s Rowing WOD as a test of your 4k row if you’re entering any fall regattas.  Try to hold the split and stroke rating you would like to hold during the actual race.  Throughout the WOD really focus on smooth, efficient connection whether you’re rowing or lifting.  Have a race plan for each 500m of the 4k row and then execute.  When you move on to the lifting try to  go unbroken and keep a solid midline.  The extra work at the end will step up your game when it comes to sprinting it out in the last 500m come race day.

Grab a partner to compete against, push yourself, and have fun!

Post your overall time to comments!

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