Rowing WOD 11/20: 8 x 1min w/ 1min Rest – Post Avg Splits

Results from the Renegade Rowing League last Saturday!

Rowing WOD 11/20:

8 x 1min w/ 1min Rest As Follows

1′ @24 (2k+5)

1′ @26 (2k+3)

1′ @28 (2k+1)

1′ @30 (2k)

1′ Start and Settle to 2k pace (like race)

1′ 2k pace (like race)

1′ 2k pace (like race)

1′ 2k pace and then sprint last 30sec (like race)

Last week we focused on suspension.  As you warmup today try to feel connected to the footboards and remain weightless on your seat throughout the drive.  Be sure to keep the force horizontal and don’t do any more work than you have to.  For the first half of today’s Rowing WOD you should really emphasize and feel the connection to the erg through your feet.  Feel nice smooth suspension every stroke.

In the Renegade Rowing Club we’ll be working on the proper way to release the pressure you create by suspending.  We’ll be doing the feet out drill, rear of erg elevated drill, and $100 bill test.  The goal is to suspend and push through the heel/full foot and then just as you finish the stroke keep the balls of your feet attached to the footboards.  We don’t want to rely on the straps to pull us back up.  Our finish should be powerful but in control.  One cue is to point the toes as you finish the stroke.  Also ensure that when you finish the hips aren’t tucking under.  Stay on your sit-bones and transfer the weight to the front of your seat as you swing into the recovery.  I know this is a lot to think about, so don’t get to caught up in it.  Just be smooth and stay connected to the footboards through the bottoms of your feet.

Post your average splits from each piece to comments!

Checkout the Renegade Rowing League below!  Winner’s of a sculling lesson on the water will be announced tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 11/20: 8 x 1min w/ 1min Rest – Post Avg Splits

    • Hey Larry, 2k+5 means that you’ll want to hold your 500m split to 5 seconds slower than what you would row a 2k at. So if you row a 2k in 8:00, then your 2k split is 2:00. 2k+5 would then be 2:05. Hope this helps!

  1. how do i row at a given stroke rate and pace? just have to work on my timing, or is there some things to key on to get to, say, 24 s/m and 2:05; 26/2:03; so on…

    • Great question Zak! Timing is key, but also learning ratio and how to vary pressure. If you’re rowing at a 24 and 2:08, you must push harder to bring the split down to 2:05. At the same time, because you’re getting through the drive faster, you’ll have to take longer on the recovery and control your slide. That’s the ratio part where there is say 1 beat on the drive and two beats on the recovery. Once you can figure this out you’ll be well on your way to crushing any rowing wod! Hope this helps!

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