Rowing WOD 1/1/13: 10 x :30 On, :30 Off – Post Avg Splits and Stroke Ratings

Rowing WOD 1/1/13:

RRC Catch10 x :30 On :30 Off

  • @2k-2 Pace

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone the best and hope 2013 treats you well!  Take some of that into your own hands and commit to a certain number of Rowing WODs per week.  Mixing in just 2 or 3 with your regular training can step up your game to a whole new level.  Comment with your results and let other Renegade Rowers know how you’re doing!

How come we can’t just lift heavy and row hard all the time?  Well some people may think that they can, but inevitably they get injured or hit a plateau.  So how do we improve if we plateau?  One way is to back off a little to focus on other aspects of lifting or rowing like speed and power.

The goal of today’s Rowing WOD is to consistently pull below your 2k pace every piece.  If you can negative split it even better!

Post your average splits and stroke ratings.  Comment on your consistency and recovery between pieces.

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 1/1/13: 10 x :30 On, :30 Off – Post Avg Splits and Stroke Ratings

  1. Happy New Year.
    1st post; 1st WOD.
    Former competitive swimmer who hasn’t been in the water for 15 years…and has turned into a marshmallow. I’ve never rowed before, but always been drawn to it.
    I thought I’d make a commitment to the community by making my first post.
    I look forward to growing from you all.
    2:01 was my avg 500k time….not sure if that’s the split to reference.
    high was 2:03 and then cranked 1:56 in last 30 just because it felt good…
    spm were kept in 30,31,32 range.

    Matt in Nashville

    • Welcome to the Club Matt! That’s great you’re starting of the new year with Rowing! The avg 500m time was what we were looking for with this wod. Well done! Look forward to seeing your progress!

    • Welcome aboard Matt. You’re going to love rowing. Coach’s wod’s are awesome. By that I mean most of the time they suck!!! But you will love it once it’s over. Good job on your first RR wod!

  2. Oops, I did this but recorded distance per :30 split; not pace. I ended up being not very consistent and varying from 30 – 34 spm. My distances were 129-136m. Do you do a race start (like 1/4, 3/4, full stroke) on these to hit your pace faster?

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