Rowing WOD 3/8/13: 5RFT – 10 Calories, 10 Power Cleans, 10 Push Ups – Post Time

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Want to Race on the Water?

Who wants to Race on the Water?

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Rowing WOD 3/8/13:

5 Rounds For Time …

10 Calories (As few strokes as possible)

10 Power Cleans (95/65)

A Renegade Rower killing the Power Clean!

A Renegade Rower killing the Power Clean!

10 Push Ups

When combining rowing with other movements in a training WOD or competition WOD there are many ways to attack the erg.  You can use the erg as active recovery to get warm and crush the other movements.  You can go all out and pull as hard as you can every stroke to try to gain a lead on your competitors or increase your training stimulus.  Or, you can row efficiently at a consistent effort that is somewhere in the middle of the previous two methods.  All three are valid plans of attack and can be useful depending on the workout, your abilities, and your end goal.



Today’s Rowing WOD is all about trying to find that middle ground where you’re pushing as hard as you can with every stroke, but you’re also remaining efficient and balanced.  The goal should be to row the 10 calories in as few strokes as possible, which means your power per stroke should be high and your stroke rating will probably be lower around 24 s/m.  Be sure not to pause at the finish.  Remember that efficient rowing is a continuous, smooth motion even when transitioning from the drive to the recovery and recovery to the drive.  If you’re moving well you’ll be able to focus on the legs during the row, the hips during the power cleans, and the upper body during the push ups.  Try to bust through unbroken for everything.

Post your time and number of strokes per round to comments!

5 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 3/8/13: 5RFT – 10 Calories, 10 Power Cleans, 10 Push Ups – Post Time

  1. 14:01 12,10,10,9.5,10 called round 4 a 9.5 cause on my last pull it jumped from 9 to 11 cal. Stunk up the time by thinking I would go at 115# instead of 95# and then lost a lot of time switching weight. Plus I did wendlers dead lift and bench press. Also set a PR on. 1k row 3:33.3 love that it was 3s across the board.

    • hahahaha. We really got to get you in the habit of actually looking at the wod before you start. Come on Mongo! Just kiddin bro, great time. Even better time on the 1k. I’m doing it tomorrow after I get judged on 13.1.

      • Lol Larry. I knew the weight just thought I’d try heavier. A mistake on my part.

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