Rest Day 3/10/13: Mobilize and make some Pulled Pork! – Share thoughts on first Open WOD

Rest Day 3/10/13:

mmm … Pork!

mmm … Pork!

Mobilize and make some Pulled Pork!

You’re no doubt sore from a solid week of training and the first Open WOD of 2013.  Use today as a day to get warm and mobilize everything.  Eating well plays a huge role in training and recovery.  Throw together this recipe for Pulled Pork and then mobilize while it cooks.

Share your thoughts on the first Open WOD and what you think of this recipe!

Pulled Pork, Sweet Potato & Pear Stew

photo 2It’s that time of year again where this Floridian forgets how long New England winters are (seriously, can it be above 50 degrees yet?). So naturally I was in the mood for some stew. I’d had something similar to this last year and remembered it being delicious, but couldn’t quite remember how to make it. So I got creative. And we all got this recipe. It’s a great lazy weekend or day off recipe and makes eight 3/4 cup servings.  …Click here for the entire recipe from Wicked Good Nutrition…

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