Rowing WOD 4/5/13: For Time – 500m Row; 3Rounds – 7 Thrusters, 7 CTB Pull Ups; 500m Row – Post Time

Rowing WOD 4/5/13:

Complete all 3 For Total Time …

Coach Tapply warming up for the thruster

Coach Tapply warming up for the thruster

1. 500m Row (Like start of 2k)

2. 3 Rounds: 7 Thrusters (85/45 lbs), 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

3. 500m Row (Like finish of 2k)

It’s official!  Open WOD 13.5 has been released and we’re in the middle of our last week of world-wide competition to crown the fittest on earth!  13.5 is very exciting because while it’s not the 2k Row we’ve been hoping for, it will feel exactly the same.  The feeling after completing Fran is the same as the feeling after completing a 2k.  That being said, your game plan for both should be similar.  Quick clean start for 10 reps/strokes and then settle into a consistent, smooth pace that you can handle for the whole race.  Your form will have to be on point, you’ll need to focus on breathing, and your mind must be right.  Mental strength will be key and you must be ready to fight off that little voice inside your head with cues like “legs”, “push”, “I can”, “breath”, “swing”, “smooth”…

Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to dial in your form, prepare mentally, and build RR Thrusterconsistency in your movement.  Start and finish with a 500m Row that mimics your 2k race plan.  Execute the same split and stroke rating you ideally want to hold on your next 2k.  In between perform 3 flawless rounds of thrusters and pull ups to make sure you’re ready to do your best on 13.5.

A 2k didn’t pop up in this years open, but you can be sure it will pop up at Regionals and the games.  From now until Regionals, Renegade Rowing will be working to improve your form, capacity, and strategy to crush that 2k.  If you plan to be at the top of the podium you will need to crush the erg.  These workouts are a great place to start.  Fit in a couple every week, share your thoughts and results, and you’ll be ready to crush that 2k in competition.

Post your time and average splits for each 500m to comments!

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