Rest Day 4/7/13: Sitting on the erg/boat; What is Port and what is Starboard? What direction is the boat going?

Rest Day 4/7/13:

Shane Farmer

What side is Port and what side is Starboard?  

What direction is the boat going?

Sometimes asking these simple questions even on the erg is helpful in thinking about balance, technique, and efficiency of movement.  If you ever plan to row on the water you will want to know the answers.  Especially if you want to stay safe and go fast!

Will you be at the CrossFit Rowing Course June 8-9 in Boston?


If you enjoy Rowing, especially when combining it with CrossFit, then you should come get some knowledge on both!  CrossFit Boston will be hosting a 2-Day CrossFit Rowing Trainer’s Course June 8-9.  On Saturday CrossFit Rowing Coach Shane Farmer will be dropping some know-how on the erg and on Sunday all participants will get a chance to take their new-found knowledge to the water at Community Rowing.

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