Rowing WOD 7/2/13: 5 x 500m w/ 2min Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD 7/2/13:

Rowing Warmup at CFB

5 x 500m w/ 2min Rest

1st/2nd – @ 2k Split

3rd/4th – @ 1k Split

5th – @ Max Effort

We’ve attacked a similar Rowing WOD earlier this Summer.  Look back at your results and see if you’re ready to step it up another notch.  This is a great opportunity to get in some solid race pace work and prepare for our next benchmark.  This Saturday we will test the 500m.  Try to keep a consistent pace over all 5 or “negative split” toward the end if you’re feeling good.  Negative splitting means you pull a faster split than you did the previous piece.

As a quick review for novice rowers, race pace is at a stroke rating of 30 − 34 strokes per minute and a consistent 500m split.  The lower the split the better.  Good things to focus on include breathing, getting the knees down, driving through the heels, quick hands, and being smooth.  I also like to coach a smile or grin 10 just to take yourself out of your body for a second, have some fun, and then refocus with a fresh mindset.  Focus on one positive thought for 10 consecutive strokes and you’ll be that much closer to your goal.

Post your split for each piece and share what you focused on!

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 7/2/13: 5 x 500m w/ 2min Rest – Post Splits

    • I feel you Larry. I like the way you attacked it. Next time fight for a more gradual negative split, like 1:48, 1:46, 1:44, 1:42, 1:40 or lower. That way you will have a little bit extra to get after the very last piece. Nice work!

      • You said the first two pieces were my 2k split, check! The next two pieces were my 1k split, check. Then the last piece was everything u had, check, although not much! Just following orders boss!

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