Rowing WOD 7/5/13: AMMAP20 w/ 3 Burpees EMOM – Post Distance

Have Fun!

Have Fun!

Rowing WOD 7/5/13:

Row As Many Meters As Possible in 20min …

*Start w/ 3 Burpees

**Perform 3 Burpees Every Minute On the Minute

When it comes to Burpees and WODs with supplemental tasks to perform every minute it helps to focus on rhythm.  Don’t freak out about the clock.  Just find your rhythm, breathe, and flow.  The same focus is needed on the row in today’s Rowing WOD.  When you get to the erg just strap in and get the flywheel moving.  Then focus on solid pressure and breathing.  Try to put some of the ratio work from Monday to use so that you have a chance to breathe and recover on the recovery.  Finding a smooth rhythm on the erg will help maintain your efficiency.  Try not to pause through the finish.  Keep the hands moving.  Also use this wod to practice the quick release getting off the erg.  This Rowing WOD can be a lot of fun if you practice the Burpee/Push Up Erg Dismount!  Check out the video at the bottom…

Holding the lowest split possible consistently every stroke should be the goal.  Remain efficient and don’t blow yourself up on any one stroke.  Push through and get as many meters as possible!

Post total meters rowed to comments!

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