Rest Day 8/1/13: Have you tried Team Squats like in the Games? – Share Thoughts

As part of the Renegade Rowing Team Warm-Up, we always practice team squats as if we were in the boat.  It helps to learn how to follow and time the catch with the rest of the boat.  If you’re interested in Rowing on the water Renegade Rowing might be a great option for you.  Check it out!

This year teams competing in the CrossFit Games had to perform Overhead Squats and Log Squats together.  Rowing in an 8+ involves a lot of the same control and timing.  Have you ever tried doing a movement in sync with another person?  How about with 7 other people?

Share your thoughts on team squats?  Have you ever performed them in a team wod?

What do you think? Post comments here:

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