Rest Day 8/25/13: Which distances do you prefer? Short or Long?

Rest Day 8/25/13:

Which distances do you prefer? Short or Long?

This week the Renegade Rowing Team practiced their first 20 stroke piece in preparation for the sprint race at the Rumble on the River.  After we finished one of the rowers commented that they would rather do the shorter stuff all the time.  While short fast sprints can be adrenaline filled fun, there’s also something fun about chasing down a boat in a time trial head race.

Share your thoughts and preferences to comments!

4 thoughts on “Rest Day 8/25/13: Which distances do you prefer? Short or Long?

  1. What is considered short? For me 3 x 3k is long…is that short for you guys? I know I’m the FNG, but since I have been consistently rowing following your site, I feel great…running the amount I have been rowing, I would have been laid up taking pain meds.

    • Good point about running vs. rowing. For most people coming from the CF background 3x3k will be long, but as you gain rowing experience those distances will become shorter. Thanks for sharing Don, I doubt you’ll be the FNG for long! Keep the feedback and questions coming.

  2. Short for me is intervals such as 30 sec on 30 sec rest, 8 by 500 meters, 20 sec on 40 sec rest, pyramids, 2,000 meter race. That’s short for me. Long is 5,000 meters or more. Like 3 by 10 min sets, 2 by 15 mins. Or you look at it like this the workouts we do on Mondays are longer and the workouts we do on Tuesday and Saturdays are short. I like the mixture of the two. It’s a nice balance, it makes you a better overall on the erg. Before I started following this program I did mostly longer pieces. Sometimes two 10k a week and a lot if it was just junk meters. It wasn’t making me any better on the erg. Another reason why I stayed away from short pieces is because I wasn’t very great at them. It hurt to breath that hard and push myself to put up big fast numbers in short distances. In other words my Vo2 max was not that great. Now I like rowing short peices that are fast and intense.

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