Rowing WOD 12/10/13: 5x800m w/ 2min Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD 12/10/13:

Greg is ready for the Catch!

Greg is ready for the Catch!

5 x 800m w/ 2min Rest

1st @24 s/m

2nd @26

3rd @28

4th @30

5th @32

Some of our best results are found when training at high intensity.  In order to develop as an athlete you’ll need to develop an ability to go hard and bring your “A” game.  Today’s Rowing WOD provides an opportunity for just that.  Set the monitor for 800m of work and 2 minutes of rest.  While the stroke rating starts out low, there should be a focus on power per stroke and solid intensity across all five pieces.  The increasing stroke rating will give you a chance to see where you’re most effective.  Ideally whenever the stroke rating is increased the split should decrease.  Try to pick a split for each stroke rating and commit for the whole piece.  The last 3 should be around race pace.

Post your Average 500m Splits for each piece to comments.

****Renegade Rowing Club****

Last night we worked on goblet squats to the erg in the warmup to complement the explosiveness we want in the legs at the catch.  We also reviewed the strap drill to feel suspension through the whole stroke.  Keep working to turn the legs on and suspend at the catch.  Here is a picture of Renegade Rower Thor getting after that suspension and explosiveness.

Keep Crushing It Thor!

Keep Crushing It Thor!

18 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/10/13: 5x800m w/ 2min Rest – Post Splits

  1. For each 800m heat:
    1) Goal: 1;56 @24 s/m; actual: 1:54.6@26 s/m
    2) Goal: 1:54 @26 s/m; actual: 1:52.2@25 s/m
    3) Goal: 1:52 @28 s/m; actual: 1:52.4@28 s/m
    4) Goal: 1:50 @30 s/m; actual: 1:53.0@29 s/m
    5) Goal: 1:48 @32 s/m; actual: 1:49.0@32 s/m

    • Awesome work last night Thor, your form is getting so much better. If you can relax a little and pace those first two pieces just like in the race plan you’ll be able to crush it and hit your targets toward the end. We’re starting to see that idea of flying and dying disappear. Keep working on it and you’ll be right on point! Nice job!

  2. Sorry so late in doing this, hope to do Sunday’s tomorrow – 2nd grandchild was being stubborn when to enter this world.
    Set #5 gassed – needed a partner to hold me accountable
    4,000m, 15:38.0, 1:57.3 /26
    Goal 1:58 /24. Actual: 3:10.1, 1:58.8 /24
    Goal 1:56 /26. Actual 3:07.5, 1:57.1 /26
    Goal 1:54 /28. Actual 3:08.8, 1:58.0 /26 (toddler interference at end)
    Goal 1:54 /28 Actual 3:03.9, 1:54.9 /28
    Goal 1:54/28. Actual 3:08.5, 1:57.8/ 27

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