Rowing WOD 12/16/13: “Hills” – 3x10min w/ 4min Rest – Post Distances

Even pressure all the way through!

Rowing WOD 12/16/13:


3 x 10min w/ 4min Rest as follows …

4min @24 s/m

3min @26

2min @28

1min @30

Rowing is a beautiful sport in that you create the resistance and determine how fast the boat moves.  That being said, keep in mind that you get out what you put in for things like strength, conditioning, and Rowing.  Ease into this workout for the first four minutes by finding your rhythm and breathing.  However, as the stroke rating goes up make sure you’re putting in the effort to bring the 500m split down and keep consistent pressure.

Set the monitor for 10 minutes of work and 4 minutes of rest.  During each ten minute piece follow the prescribed rating shifts.

Post your distance for each piece to comments.

10 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/16/13: “Hills” – 3x10min w/ 4min Rest – Post Distances

  1. So I accidentally did 4 x 10 minute w/4 minute rest. So my numbers were Rd1:2333m and 2:06.8
    Rd2:2425m and 2:02.6, Rd3:2266m and 2:09.5 and Rd4 2365m and 2:06.6. How do you know you row a bunch? When you wear the hair that is slightly above your kneecap down to stubble which in turn rubs both forearms raw from today’s row. Good stuff!!! Did a 10k yesterday, followed by a 5k last night. With my 600m cool down row today, that makes 25k in the past two days. Gonna do another easy 5k row tonight.

  2. Good thing you didn’t pose the “I like rowing” because question today.
    Damper 6
    Goal 2K+5 (2:00). 2,486, 2:00.6 /26
    Goal 2K+4 (1:59). 2,500, 2:00.0 /26
    Goal 2K+3 (1:58). Died, paused and then, to get the volume of work in, worked on technique and maintaining a constant pressure while changing the rating – beginning to get the hang of it
    2,063m. 2:25.4. /24

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