Rowing WOD 2/28/14: “Snow Drifts” – Post Distance

Rowing WOD:

As soon as the ice melts!

As soon as the ice melts!

“Snow Drifts”

2 x 17min w/ 4min Rest

as follows …

5′ @22 s/m, 4′ @24, 3′ @26, 2′ @28, 3′ @26

4min Rest

5′ @20 s/m, 4′ @24, 3′ @28, 2′ @30, 3′ @26

  • Post distance rowed to comments and thoughts on ratio.

Strength WOD:


3 Power Cleans

  • Touch and Go
  • Ascending heavier than last week.
  • Post Load to Comments.

Conditioning WOD:


2 Snatch Balances

4 Ring Rows

  • Post Load to Comments.

I know there’s no snow drifts out the window, but it is pretty cold.  I can’t wait for it to get warm and for this ice to melt on the Charles River.  I hope you’re fired up for the Open and staying warm inside this weekend.

Today’s focus is the Rowing WOD and more specifically ratio and rhythm.  Today’s Rowing WOD is another opportunity for everyone to keep working on a sense of form and rhythm without the pressure of intensity and competition.  Sometimes it’s good to slow down and dial in that technique.  Pressure should be a moderate to hard steady state.  That means you can get out short sentences but it’s difficult to maintain a detailed conversation.

In today’s Rowing WOD the focus is developing rhythm and endurance.  Another word for rhythm in rowing is Ratio.  By varying the ratio of the drive to the recovery rowers can maintain the same pace or split, but work more efficiently and make the stroke feel lighter or heavier.

Slingshot Hands Away will be key when we get on the water!

When going from a 26 stroke rating to a 28 you should focus on more pressure with the legs and quickly redirecting the hands through the finish.  Think of a slingshot as you pull the hands in and release them quick and smooth away.  This will help increase the stroke rating while leaving you the same amount of time to sit up, breathe, and relax as you slide forward on the recovery.  When the rating shifts down from a 28 to a 26 be sure to perform a ratio shift and try to maintain the same split.  Focus on pushing a little harder and take an extra second to breath on the recovery to bring the stroke rating down.

Have fun with the rowing and attack the Olympic Lifting work if you have time!

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