Strength WOD 3/11/14: 6×3 Deadlift @82.5% – Post Loads

Rowing WOD:

The Ladies of the Renegade Rowing League getting after it in Heat 1 on Saturday.

12′ CAS24 (Castle @24s/m)

2′, 2′, 2′, 2′, 2′, 2′ (@22, 24, 22, 24, 22, 24)

6′ Mobility

12′ CAS28

2′, 2′, 2′, 2′, 2′, 2′ (@26, 28, 26, 28, 26, 28)

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Strength WOD:

6 x 3 Deadlift

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Conditioning WOD:


3 Overhead Squats (115/75 lbs.)

3 Handstand Push Ups

30 Double Unders

Today’s focus is Strength!  Get in a good warmup with the Rowing WOD and mentally prepare to go big for the Deadlifts.  If you have a solid setup in the Deadlift and stay connected as you squeeze the weight off the floor, the next time you hop on an erg you will pull numbers you’ve never seen before.  Dialing in the details of the basic lifts like the deadlift and the back squat can transfer both strength, power, and body awareness to your stroke in the boat.  Keep training your endurance and aerobic capacity, but be sure you have the strength to support your stroke when you need it most!

Get Strong and Share your experience!

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