Rowing WOD 6/2/14: Swing Row – Post Avg Splits and Focus

Rowing WOD:

“Swing Row”Rowing in the Basin

28 min as follows…

10min @2k+20

2min Rest

8min @2k+15

2min Rest

6min @2k+10

A Swing Row is used to get in some volume without crushing you.  Use today as an opportunity to work on aerobic endurance and technique.  Focus on one technique fix each piece.  Swing rows are great following a strength session, so if you have some strength work to do, get after it, and then enjoy this Rowing WOD.

During each piece hit the prescribed 500m split every stroke and focus on good form.  Things to work on include level hands, continuous movement of the handle, ratio, control, connection at the catch, and body preparation on the recovery.

Breathe, be smooth, and flow!

Post your 500m avg. splits for each piece to comments along with your focus.

What do you think? Post comments here:

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