Rowing WOD 6/4/14: “Tabata Yeah!” – Row, KB Swing, Sit Up, DB Snatch – Post Total Score and Weight Used

Rowing WOD:tabata row

“Tabata Yeah!” (16min WOD)

  • Perform :20 of Work and :10 of Rest for a total of 8 rounds for each movement below.  
  • No extra rest between movements.  
  • Complete all eight rounds of the Row before moving onto the Kettle Bell Swings and so on.  
  • Your score is the total number of reps completed overall.

Row (Calories)

KB Swing (Chest Height, You choose the weight)tabata kb swing

AbMat Sit Up

DB Snatch (Alternate each arm every rep, You choose the weight)

Today’s Rowing WOD is great for testing your aerobic capacity and mindset.  How hard can you push yourself when things get tough?  Focus on breathing and rhythm throughout all the movements.  Try to maintain a consistent pace and complete the same number of reps each round.  A good challenge for the rowing portion would be to row one calorie per stroke.

tabata sit up

In all of the movements be efficient and keep good form.  During the KB Swing and    DB Snatch stay connected to the floor and keep good posture.

When things get tough just tell yourself “Tabata what?  Tabata Yeah!!!” and get some more reps.

Have fun and post your total number of reps along with the weight you used to comments.tabata db snatch

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