Rowing WOD 6/20/14: “The Skill of Rowing” – 500m Row, 20 Double Unders… – Post Time and Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Thoughts on Bladework?  Come learn all about it on the Renegade Rowing Team!

Thoughts on Bladework? Come learn all about it on the Renegade Rowing Team!

“The Skill of Rowing”

Complete for Time…

500m Row @1k Split*

20 Double Unders

300m Row @1k Split*

30 Double Unders

200m Row @1k Split*

50 Double Unders

*Pick a split you plan to hold.  Afterwards do 2 burpees for every decimal you’re off.  Doesn’t matter if you’re high or low.  If you choose a 2:00.0 split and row 1:59.5 avg. then you would do 10 burpees.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about working the skill of Rowing and Double Unders.  To often I see athletes sit on the erg and go all out without a game plan.  Many times, due to improper form or focus, their effort doesn’t make a difference on how fast they’re rowing.

Today you should pick a split for each rowing piece and commit to holding your form and focus to execute that split exactly.  Ideally I’d like you to hold your 1k split, because we’re testing the 1k next Saturday, but if you’re coming to the end of a tough week pick a split you can execute flawlessly with good form.

After the workout, look back at the memory and check the average splits for each piece.  Do a couple of burpees for each decimal that you were off, even if you went faster.  The goal should be to gain full control over your effort on the erg and know exactly what you put in effort-wise is what you get back.  Setup the monitor as your clock for the workout by choosing intervals variable with undefined rest.

Post your time, goal splits, and average splits to comments.  Have a great weekend!!!

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