Rowing WOD 7/2/14: “Tailpipe” – 3RFT, 250m Row, Static Hold – Post Partner and Time

Rowing WOD:

Members at CrossFit Boston hitting this wod last week!


With a partner,

3 Rounds For Time

250m Row

Static Hold

  • Double KB Front Rack (1.5/1 pd), OH Barbell Hold (95/65 lbs.), or OH Sandbag Hold – your choice
  • One partner hold and one partner row, then switch

Rowing is an opportunity to push yourself as an individual and as part of a team.  Today’s workout is a partner wod and a good example of how training with a partner can take your effort and performance to the next level.  If you don’t have a training partner you can still do this workout, but it would be a lot more fun to grab someone from the gym and show them what rowing is all about.

One partner will start on the rower and one will start performing a static hold.  If at any point the static hold is lost, the person rowing must pause and wait until the static hold position is regained before continuing.  This is a quick burner that will really get the lungs going.  It’s referred to as tailpipe because by the end it feels like your breathing through a car’s tailpipe.

Focus on breathing and get after the row!  If you can, cheer your partner on and push each other.

Post your team name and time to comments.

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