Rowing WOD 7/28/14: 10k Row for Form – Post Time and Focus

Rowing WOD:CFRowing Trainer Course

Row 10,000m

  • Focus on Form
  • Fix one thing every 1k
  • Steady State Pressure (should be able to say short sentences)

This past Wednesday, Rowing burst on to the scene with many people around the country watching the CrossFit Games programming of a 3k Row, 300 DU, and 3 mile Run.  Quite the test of skill and endurance.

Today’s Rowing WOD is a 10k.  Try to negative split the whole way, starting off with something manageable and ending with something challenging.  Try to drop your split by a second every 1k or 2k.  Focus on smooth, consistent rowing and then pick one thing in your stroke that you would like to fix.  Do this with a partner and have a conversation to keep yourself fresh and rowing at steady state pressure.

Have fun and post your time as well as what fixes you worked on to comments.

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