Rowing WOD 10/3/14: Row2k, 15 Bench Press, Row1k, 10 Bench, Row500m, 5 Bench – Post Time and Splits

Rowing WOD:

Renegade Rowing Team after launching for the Rumble on the River

Complete for time …

2k Row, 15 Bench Press (135/95 lbs.)

1k Row, 10 Bench Press (185/125 lbs.)

500m Row, 5 Bench Press (225/155 lbs.)

Last weekend we re-tested our 5k.  If you didn’t get a chance to fit it in, try to do so this week.  At the end of October, as the Fall Head Race Season draws to a close on the water, we will perform a testing week to hit various distances and lifts.  This will let us know where we’re at for the year and what to start working towards this winter.  Keep fitting in mobility wherever you can and training hard.  It will pay off!

Today’s Rowing WOD comes from CrossFit Boston.  We performed this during regular classes in the gym and I just had to give you all a shot at it.  A good goal would be to complete this in under 20 minutes.  Scale the Bench Press accordingly and be safe if you don’t have a spotter.  Focus on keeping a big chest with shoulders pinched and pinned to the bench.  Make the Bench a full body lift by engaging and using everything to perform each rep.  Crush that bar in your hands and break it in half as you perform the lift. The sweet spot you should touch on the bench is the same sweet spot you’re looking to touch with the handle every time you finish the stroke, the sternum for men or bottom of the sports bra for ladies.

We’ve done this rowing sequence before.  Look back to see what you got for each piece in your workout log.  Remember there is work to be done in between, so you may need to adjust your goal splits a little.  Try to shoot for a pace of 2k+3 for the 2k, 2k pace for the 1k, and whatever you have left for the 500m.  Focus on breathing in the 2k, using the legs in the 1k, and being smooth with a higher stroke rate during the 500m.

Have fun and get after it!

Post your time, loads, and splits to comments!

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