Rowing WOD 2/7/15: 6x650m w/ 1:45 Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

Renegade Rowing League Competitors throwing down in the 2k!

6 x 650m w/ 1:45 Rest


Are you ready for CRASH-B’s or your closest indoor event?  The World Indoor Rowing Championships are three weeks away on March 1st.  You’ll definitely want a game plan going in. This is a Rowing WOD we did in December and today is a chance to test your training and see if you’re ready to go.  Use today’s Rowing WOD to test out your race strategy. Perform the first two pieces with a focus on consistency in stroke rating and splits. If you’re feeling solid try to go a little bit faster each consecutive piece.  If you have your splits from December try to improve upon them and finish stronger on the last couple of pieces.  Next week we’ll be dialing in our speed with shorter intervals, so get after it today.  Now is the time to see what you’ve got and push yourself.

Post your average splits for each piece to comments!

9 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 2/7/15: 6x650m w/ 1:45 Rest – Post Splits

  1. Goal was 1:50 split time for each 650m interval. Results:

    1:46.1 @ 33 s/m – OK
    1:48.6 @ 32 s/m – OK
    1:52.1 @ 32 s/m – Some loss of form with about 200 m left, and I scrambled to recover.
    1:57.6 @ 30 s/m – This one sucked. To much loss of form resulting in scattered spilt times
    1:51.3 @ 30 s/m – More focus on consistency of form; felt much better
    1:50.4 @ 34 s/m – OK

    Consistency of Form = Smooth = Fast

  2. 6x650m w/ 1:45r
    2:08.8 @ 31
    2:13.0 @ 31
    2:14.6 @ 32
    2:17.8 @ 31 <-Posture hit the fan…
    2:17.7 @ 31
    2:13.8 @ 32 <-Thank you Nick for helping me stop the bleeding!

    "Pick a split and hold it." I pick better than I hold, ha. Flew too fast out of the gates again and paid for it on the 4th and 5th round.

  3. 6x650m w/ 1:45 rest:

    2:05.7 @ 29 s/m
    2:07.3 @ 28 s/m
    2:08.0 @ 28 s/m
    2:09.4 @ 29 s/m
    2:09.1 @ 29 s/m
    2:08.0 @ 31 s/m

    Consistency on time was good, and I was near my target pace (2:10). Thinking about timing has definitely helped, and given me something to focus on when I’m getting tired. I still don’t feel like I’m swinging through the hips / doing “body over” quite right, and certainly not consistently.

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