RR Training Plan 5/11/15 and Rowing WOD 5/11/15: 5x10min w/ 30sec Rest – Post Splits

Had some great fun coaching a corporate row for YPO of Alberta, Canada!

Had some great fun coaching a corporate row for YPO of Alberta, Canada!

Here’s the plan for the week!  Get after it and have fun!

RR Training Plan 5-11-15

Rowing WOD:

5x10min w/ 30sec Rest 

@18-22 for All 

(75% Effort, aware of breathing)

Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are?  Are you good at long distance pieces or do you lose focus and consistency?  Are you strong during 500m pieces but can’t maintain power for anything longer?  Or perhaps your peak power needs improvement?

In Training and Rowing we are constantly trying to improve our skills and strengthen our goats.  Take a look at your performances and accomplishments for the month of November.  What needs work or could use some improvement?  Take that to heart and if you can only fit in a couple of Rowing WODs per week, focus on the ones that will strengthen those weaknesses.

Today’s focus is developing the consistency and aerobic base to maintain pressure at race pace for longer pieces.  During the Steady State portion try to pull the same 500m Split every stroke.  Effort should be such that you can hold a conversation, but you are aware of your breathing.

Post your Average Splits and what you plan to focus on in the coming weeks!

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