RR Training Plan 5/18/15 and S&C WOD: AMRAP7 – 20 Cals, 20 DU – Post Score

Hey Renegades!  I hope you all enjoyed that beautiful weekend and got to watch some championship racing.  I was down in Clemson watching the BC Women at the 2015 ACC Rowing Championships, which aired on ESPN3.  Very cool stuff!  Here is the plan for the week: RR Training Plan 5-18-15

Truckin with Boats last weekend!

Truckin with Boats last weekend!

Strength and Conditioning WOD:


20 Calorie Row

20 Double Unders

  • Post rounds and reps to comments.

The focus of today is Strength, Power, and Breathing.  Be sure to Row Strong at all times as if it were race day. If time allows, hit the rowing block as well to improve your aerobic endurance and fully recover.  Today I want you to practice your mental focus and mind-set for race day.  Work for 7 solid minutes trying to flow and breath through the double unders.  When you get on the erg be present every stroke and maximize your efficiency and power as if it were the last stroke of the race.

If everything else is equal, the stronger rower will win.

Get Strong and Have Fun!

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