Rowing WOD 8/25/15: 8×2:00 On, :45 Off – Post Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Good Luck to Wayland-Weston Crew as they start their fall season!

8 x 2min On, 45sec Off

  • 4 pieces @5k+1
  • 2 @5k
  • 2 @5k-1

5k Test is coming up this Saturday!  When training it can be beneficial to work at a pace greater than you would normally compete in order to gain a greater sense of control and fluidity.  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to test your 5k pace (both split and stroke rating) and then push it faster.  Focus on your breathing for the first couple and when the pace gets faster focus on legs down and quick hands.  When increasing pressure during the drive keep the chain and boat smooth with horizontal hands.  At the finish you’ll need quick hands away to pick up the stroke rating, but don’t let the chain jump up and down or chatter.  During the 45 seconds off, paddle at a light 14 to 16 stroke rating to catch your breath and re-focus for the next piece.

Post your Average Splits to comments.

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