Rowing WOD 11/7/15: 6x2min On, 1min Off Varying Rates – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

6 x 2min On, 1min Off as follows:

2′ @ 20 s/m (+9 sec above 2k avg split)

1′ rest

2′ @ 22 s/m (+7 sec above 2k avg split)

1′ rest

2′ @ 24 s/m (2k split +5)

1′ rest

2′ @ 26 s/m (2k+3)

1′ rest

2′ @ 28 s/m (2k+1)

1′ rest

2′ @ 30 s/m (2k)

The Renegade Rowing Club will be starting Friday, December 4th at 6:30am at CrossFit Boston.  Winter training will take place Friday mornings leading up to CRASH-B’s in February.  Do you have what it takes?

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?  There are holiday cups at Starbucks, decorations up in stores, and I might have even heard some holiday music on the radio.  The best part of it all is that CRASH-B’s is right around the corner.  Yes, they may not be until February, but time flies over the holidays.  So kick off winter training today and continue to perfect your technique, hone your 2k tactics, and build your confidence to crush that erg every single week until CRASH-B’s.  If you want to join us just follow along and fit a few Rowing WODs in every week, along with your normal training and lifting in the gym.  Choose WODs that will build upon your weaknesses and don’t be afraid to crush your favorites.

Think about the three key skills to rowing on and off the water.  Posture, Control, and Connection.  Really control the stroke rating and fight for the prescribed split.  Be smooth and be consistent every stroke.  During the rest paddle in slow motion, really emphasizing and thinking about the timing of the stroke and where your body is in space.

Post your Average 500m Split for Each Piece to Comments!

Pat at 2010 CRASH-B Sprints from Coach Pat on Vimeo.

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