Rowing WOD 12/2/15: 500m Row, 5MBC, 400m Row, 10MBC, … – Post Time

Rowing WOD:

For Time …

500m Row, 5 Medicine Ball Cleans (20/14 lb)

400m Row, 10 Med Ball Cleans

300m Row, 15 Med Ball Cleans

200m Row, 20 Med Ball Cleans

100m Row, 25 Med Ball Cleans

The ability to work at high intensity depends largely on mechanics and consistency.  If your rowing is smooth and efficient you should be able to push this Rowing WOD and hold sub-2k pace for every piece.  A good goal might be to hold your 2k split for every piece or negative split so that each piece is one split second faster.  Same goes for the medicine ball cleans.  If you can focus on using the legs and hips to move the ball, then your arms will remain loose and fluid providing a greater efficiency of movement.  This will allow you to push the pace and go unbroken for every round.  Try to only pause for brief breaks in between exercises if you have to.  If you don’t have a medicine ball to clean than you could modify with a loaded back pack or just make the movement a Dumbbell Clean.  No matter what focus on good overall movement and ensure you have the mechanics and consistency dialed in during your warmup.

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2 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/2/15: 500m Row, 5MBC, 400m Row, 10MBC, … – Post Time

  1. 2K pace = 1:57
    Used 15# barbell & power clean
    5:44.6; 1,500m; 1:54.8; 33sm
    500m. 1:56.9; 31sm; R 1:40.0
    400m. 1:55.5; 31sm; R 1:50
    300m. 1:54.6; 33sm; R 2:10
    200m. 1:52.2; 33sm; R 2:25
    100m. 1:43.0; 41sm;

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