Rest Day 1/21/16: Get out and do something different! – Share your experience

Rest Day:

Some friends doing something different on a Saturday morning!  Competing against another gym!

Get out and do something different!

It’s to easy during the winter months and during training in general to become narrow-minded and trapped in a routine of the same old, same old.  Sometimes we need to break the cycle, even if the cycle is going well, to refocus and make even more progress toward our goals.  Today’s challenge is to enjoy some active rest and recovery.  Get out of your gym or house and do something different.  Go for a walk/hike, cross-country ski, run, bike, swim, play a game/sport, try yoga, walk up and down the stairs in your building, treat a friend to a hot meal, or simply stop everything, lay down for 5 minutes, and do nothing but relax and focus on your breathing without thinking about anything else.

If you have any revelations, great experiences, or you simply had some fun, share it with the community in a comment!

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