Rowing WOD 2/8/16: 3 x 7min Steady – Race Focus – Post 2k Goal and Focus

Rowing WOD:

3 x 7min Steady State w/ 2min Rest

Renegade Rowers at 2012 CRASH-B's

Renegade Rowers at 2012 CRASH-B’s

  • Race Focus and Visualization
  • 1st piece – @2k+10
  • 2nd piece – @2k+7
  • 3rd piece – @2k+5

It’s the final countdown!  Three weeks until CRASH-Bs!  Today is a chance to practice your mental game.  Each piece should be rowed at a comfortable pace where you could hold a conversation of short sentences with someone.  I’ve suggested a pace scheme that should allow for that while giving you an opportunity to review your 2k race plan.  Each minute focus on the thoughts you’ll be using during the race.  One minute might be breathing.  Another minute might be split and stroke rating.  Another minute might be the rhythm of legs down, quick hands.  If your mind starts to wander bring your attention back to that one mental cue, technique fix, and/or feeling.

On race day your body will be ready.  You’ll be strong enough physically to reach your goals.  The thing that will allow you to execute and crush it is your mental game.  If you believe in your race plan, think positive, and commit to being mentally tough you can do anything.  Before starting today’s workout be sure to write down the mental cues, thoughts, and feelings you plan to use on race day.  Then execute them at the approximate time in the piece you expect to need them in the race.

Post your 2k Goal for CRASH-B’s and your main focus to comments!

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