What Does It Take To Be A Renegade?

Be A Renegade Challenge

During the month of May we will be competing in the first of many challenges to truly be renegades in life and sport.  Rather than take the easy road and go with the typical norms of society we will hold each other to higher standers and work to be better people and better athletes.  To often we get lazy and take for granted the opportunities we have to make ourselves and others the people we want to be.  The Be A Renegade Challenge is our opportunity to make a change and fight for our true potential.

This week will be a trial week to see who wants to commit to the challenge for the month of May.  Every day there will be a challenge posted on the blog for you to complete and then share your experiences through the comments.  If you’re interested in competing for the Renegade Challenge Cup check out the Be A Renegade Challenge page and start tracking your progress toward becoming a Renegade!

If you would like to become an official challenger for the Renegade Challenge Cup let us know in the comments section of this post.  We’ll gladly add you to the Be A Renegade Challenge page.  

If you want to just check out how the form and challenge works, select Renegade Wannabe under the Name drop down and fill out the form.

4/23 Daily Challenge

Find a New Sport!  

Google a sport you’ve been thinking of trying.  Learn more about it.  Then come up with a plan to give it a try.  Comment with what you learned and how you plan on trying your new sport!  

3 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Be A Renegade?

  1. New sport = kite surfing!!! Growing up and going to college in Florida, I have been hearing about this sport for a while but never got around to giving it a go. Basically, kite surfing (or kite boarding) is a combination of windsurfing and wakeboarding. It was invented in the mid 1800s but became popular among the general public in the early 2000s. And it looks pretty awesome, although maybe a little dangerous and certainly not easy to pick up. A package of 3 intro lessons to get you up and out on the water is about $600 at the Boston Kite School, and there are locations in the North Shore, Dorchester, and the Cape. SO after my next work bonus, I am going kite boarding! Who’s with me?!

    • I’m Game! I have my own gear too! If anyone else wants to learn how to fly power kites let me know!

      My New Sport is Squash. A classic New England sport that I’ve been meaning to give a go. During my next free weekend I’m going to go play with my brother at Tufts!

  2. Kayaking!!! My plan to give it a try = signing up for a kayak race that will take place on SUNDAY. Yes, THIS Sunday. At the very least, it promises to be entertaining and interesting. What better way to try a new sport than competing in it?!?! 😛

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