Rest Day 6/24: What’s limiting your catch compression? Share your thoughts?

Rest Day 6/24:

Use a Barbell to work into that calf and heel chord.

What’s limiting your catch compression?

Today’s rest day is an opportunity to work on your mobility through the catch.  Hop on an erg and sit at the catch without the handle.  See how much compression you can get while remaining in a position of strength.  Keep that chest up and shoulders down.  Feel what’s tight and then see if you can work some mobility to get more compression.  After mobilizing retest in the catch position.

A common problem in rowers is limited ankle flexion at the catch.  Here are a couple of things you can use to work on that flexion.  If you have a barbell, try to smash that heal chord and loosen it up by rolling the end of the barbell along the bottom of your calf.  If you don’t have a barbell check out this awesome bone saw calf smash from

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