Rowing WOD 6/23: “The Valley” 500m Row, 5 Erg Facing Burpees ….

Chest to the floor.

Rowing WOD 6/23:

“The Valley”

500m Row, 5 Erg Facing Burpees, 

400m Row, 4 Erg Facing Burpees, 

300m Row, 3 Erg Facing Burpees, 

200m Row, 2 Erg Facing Burpees, 

100m Row, 1 Erg Facing Burpee

30 Seconds Rest

Pop Up!

1 Erg Facing Burpee, 100m Row, 

2 Erg Facing Burpees, 200m Row, 

3 Erg Facing Burpees, 300m Row, 

4 Erg Facing Burpees, 400m Row, 

5 Erg Facing Burpees, 500m Row

Today’s Rowing WOD is focused on intensity and moving through the hips.  Hit each row hard, but hold a consistent split.  Don’t just fly and die.  Your goal should be to come up the other side of the valley faster than you went down.  This a great opportunity to practice that quick release to get the feet out fast.  


For the erg facing burpees, start facing the erg, drop down and touch your chest to the floor, pop up using your hips, then jump over the railing.  That is one erg facing burpee.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect push up on the way down, just get that chest to the floor without smashing your face or knees.

Post your time to comments and let us know how the Erg Facing Burpees go!

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