Rest Day 6/28: Updating Your Erg and What’s up w/ Coconuts?

Rest Day 6/28:

Update your Erg to use Undefined Rest during a Rowing WOD!

Checkout the video below for how to update the firmware on your Performance Monitor.  First you’ll need to download the Concept2 Utility software from  After that follow the steps in the video and you’ll be good to go.  While your monitor is updating you can also do some maintenance on the erg by cleaning the rail, cleaning the wheels on the seat, and oiling the chain.

Once you’ve updated the monitor you’ll be able to do workouts like yesterday’s Rowing Wod without the need of an extra clock.

What’s up with Coconuts?

Below is an excerpt from Renegade Dietician Alex Black on coconuts…

Once shunned due to its high saturated fat content, coconut has been regaining favor recently. There was a New York Times article on coconut oil last year, and it has been embraced by vegans and followers of the Paleolithic (caveman) diet alike. According to the Coconut Research Center, coconut fruit and its variety of products can heal or prevent a slew of medical conditions. So can coconut really be this awesome super food or is it all hype?  … Read More at Wicked Good Nutrition …

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