Rest Day 11/19/15: What do you eat before a workout?

Get some ratio at the Renegade Rowing Club starting December 2nd!

Get some ratio at the Renegade Rowing Club starting December 2nd!

If you’re interested in joining the Renegade Rowing Club to train for the Renegade Rowing League and CRASH-B’s please email Coach Pat.  The club starts training Friday, December 4th at 6:30am at CrossFit Boston.

What Should I Eat Before a Workout??

Deciding what to eat day-to-day can be challenging. Choosing the best thing to eat – a meal that will give you energy to perform without making you feel too full, sick, or hungry – can be even more challenging. Every workout is different, so how you fuel for each one will be different too. You probably wouldn’t eat the same breakfast before a 2K test as you would before a 10 mile run. Read on for some basic pre-workout meal guidelines and some ideas for before a workout.

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Then share your favorite pre-workout meal in the comments!

Rowing WOD 10/12/15: Shuttle Run Pyramid (30min Cap) – Post Time or Levels Completed

Rowing WOD:

BC Men's Crew and I doing a Row, Run, WOD, Run, Row! Training as a team raises both intensity and fun!

Shuttle Run Pyramid  (30 Minute Cap)

1,250m Row – 6 shuttles       

1,000m Row – 4 shuttles      

750m Row – 3 shuttles         

500m Row – 2 shuttles       

250m Row – 1 shuttle

The beauty of Rowing lies in the opportunity to push yourself as an individual and as part of a team.  Today’s workout is a shuttle run pyramid and a good example of how training with a partner can take your effort and performance to the next level.  If you don’t have a training partner you can still do this workout, but it would be a lot more fun to grab someone from the gym and show them what rowing is all about.

One partner will start on the rower and one will start on the run.  The rower completes the noted distance while the partner sprints the noted number of shuttle/wind sprints.  For the run, designate a starting line and then setup three cones at 10m, 20m, and 30m.  One shuttle run will be down and back three times to a different cone each time; in other words – touch the 10 and run back, touch the 20 and back, touch the 30 and back.  The partner that finishes each round first gets time to rest!

Post Time or Levels Completed to comments.

Rowing WOD Demo with Renegade Rowing (From a few years ago! Back when this adventure began!)

Rest Day 8/28/14: Go Eat Some Watermelon!

Rest Day:

Go Eat Some Watermelon!

Below is a blog post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition.  Read all about a recent study on watermelon and then tell us what you think.  Will you be sucking down some Watermelon after our 5k on Saturday?

Super Power for Watermelon

We all know watermelon is a delicious summer fruit. But some new research has indicate that it might also be a recovery aid – results of a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry showed that a compound found in watermelon juice may help athletes recovery after exercise.  … Click here for the whole post! …

Rest Day 8/17/14: Thoughts on Protein Powder?

Rest Day:protein

Do you use Protein Powder?

Below is a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition.  Check it out and post your thoughts and what you use for protein to comments.

Pros and Cons of Protein Powders

Protein powders were once the stuff of pro athletes and ultra meatheads, but have gone mainstream over the past 10 or so years. I first tried it when I was 15. When I told a personal trainer I’d been seeing with my mom that my goal was to get a 6-pack, he recommended I take 2 scoops of muscle milk powder 1-2 times per day. So mom and I dutifully trekked down to GNC and bought the vanilla flavor. And it was AWFUL. I don’t think I took the recommended dose even once, and I certainly never got said 6 pack. I couldn’t get it to dissolve in anything – not water, not milk, not a smoothie. Only now, looking back with educated eyes, do I see how completely ridiculous it was for this bro to tell a 15-year-old athlete to take a mostly unregulated supplement! The industry has gotten much better since then in terms of taste and palatability, but it is still mostly unregulated and athletes should pay attention to ingredients and types of protein.

Click here for the full blog post!

Rest Day 7/13/14: What’s your favorite Summer Vegetable? – Share your Recipes!

Rest Day:

Spaghetti Squash!

What’s your favorite Summer Vegetable?

Now that many local farms and CSA’s are up and running for the summer it’s easy to get your hands on fresh vegetables.  What do you crave? How do you use it?  When do you prepare it?

Share your favorite recipes to comments!