Rowing WOD 7/24: 10 x 200m w/ :45 rest – Post Fastest and Slowest

Rowing WOD 7/24:

10 x 200m Row

w/ :45 rest

Intensity is the name of the game when we’re looking for results in the pursuit of fitness.  Regularly pushing your limits will give your body a chance to adapt as long as there is an appropriate amount of rest mixed in.  Today’s Rowing WOD is all about consistent intensity.  The only way to get used to race pace is to practice at race pace, both in terms of stroke rating and effort.  Below are some goals for you to keep in mind.  If you can consistently complete each interval in the noted amount of time you’ll be on your way to achieving the associated 2k time.

Post your Fastest and Slowest Interval!

Interval Time = 39 sec; Goal 2k Time = 6:30

Interval Time = 42 sec; Goal 2k Time = 7:00

Interval Time = 45 sec; Goal 2k Time = 7:30

Interval Time = 48 sec; Goal 2k Time = 8:00

Interval Time = 51 sec; Goal 2k Time = 8:30

Interval Time = 54 sec; Goal 2k Time = 9:00


7 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 7/24: 10 x 200m w/ :45 rest – Post Fastest and Slowest

  1. My most recent splits have been 1k splits; my last 2K time was 8:14, so I’m hoping to lay waste to that time soon! Just started rowing on the water in May, and had been indoor rowing (steadily, that is) since February. Growing up in Arizona didn’t leave much water time!

    • You’ll set the monitor for Intervals Distance with 200m of work and 45 seconds of rest. You’ll row 200m and then take a break for 45 seconds before rowing the next piece. The goal is to go as hard as possible for all ten intervals without dying. Consistency is the name of the game. Don’t start pulling a 1:50 split for the first piece and then limp in at a 2:00 split for the last piece. Go fast, but be consistent.

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