Rowing WOD 9/10: 3 x 15min Consistent Pressure – Post Distance Rowed Each Piece

Next Saturday is the Rumble on the RIver!

Rowing WOD 9/10:

3 x 15min Consistent Pressure as follows

w/ 4min rest

  • 5min @ 20 s/m; 75% Pressure,
  • 5min @ 24 s/m; 80% Pressure,
  • 3min @ 26 s/m; 85% Pressure,
  • 2min @28 s/m; 90% Pressure

With many of the major head races coming up, rowers will be focused on holding consistent pressure every stroke throughout a race.  In the fall, head races usually take around 15 minutes or longer.  In order to build up to full race pressure every stroke for that time domain it helps to focus on holding consistent pressure at lower ratings.  Today’s Rowing WOD will give athletes a chance to focus on a couple of technique fixes as well as gaining confidence to keep their head in the game every stroke for 15 minutes.  Pick a goal split you want to hold for each stroke rating and see how consistent you can be each time you’re at that rating.  Try to be a little more consistent and push a little bit farther each piece.

Report in with your distance rowed each piece.

What do you think? Post comments here:

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