Rest Day 10/14: What’s keeping you from going Paleo?

Rest Day 10/14:

Here’s a great post from Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition on going Paleo!

Sometimes the hardest thing about going Paleo…

Is cooking awesome food. So try this Paleo chili…

It’s not that you can’t ever make and eat awesome Paleo food, it’s that you have to know how. Changing how and what you cook can be a huge challenge, and a lot of first-time Paleo eaters end up eating the same chicken, vegetables, eggs, and fruit everyday. Well, that gets boring fast. So, since it’s October and finally getting cold again, it’s time for some awesome chili!

The first Paleo recipe I made was a chili, and let’s just say I used a bad recipe and it was not delicious. This time, I teamed up with a man who had a better recipe, and let me tell you, this was some of the BEST chili I have ever had. It’s not the typical “short, easy, fast” recipe I like to post. It takes about an hour of work and a few hours to simmer, but it’s well worth the wait. Give it a try, and share how you liked it. Or, if you think you have a better recipe, share that too!

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