Rowing WOD 12/19: AMRAP9 − 250m Row, 6 Shoulder to Overhead – Post Score

Rowing WOD 12/19:
Get After It!

Get After It!

As Many Rounds As Possible in 9 minutes of …

250m Row
6 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105 lbs.)
Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to push your 2k pace in a competition and work on your efficiency using the legs.  Whenever we go from the shoulder to overhead there are three options, the shoulder press, the push press, and the push jerk.  A fourth option would be the split jerk, but the push jerk tends to be faster.  For today’s WOD try to hold your 2k split for each 250m piece.  As you transition from the erg to the barbell manage your rest and control your heart rate with deep breaths.  Your goal should be to go unbroken with a push jerk for all 6 reps.  Save your arms for the rowing and focus on speed and power with an aggressive dip-drive-redip using the legs and hips.  Catch the bar with locked out arms rather than pressing it the last couple of inches.  Your score will be the number of rounds complete plus any additional reps.
Post your score to comments!

20 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/19: AMRAP9 − 250m Row, 6 Shoulder to Overhead – Post Score

  1. 6 rds + 25m. RX. That was non-stop, repping out the 155 as fast as humanly possible, not putting feet in straps. Just go,go,go,go! Great wod coach!!!

      • Thanks coach! I wanted to give you a small Christmas present. So here it is: Do you know why I post my results on here? Because you almost always respond back with encouragement and advice. I am a forty year old father of three sons, a captain with a major fire department and I still get a charge out of someone telling me I have done a good job. Don’t ever underestimate your impact on people’s lives when you help them out with advice and/or encouragement. I guarantee you that by this time next year you will have many faithful participants through your rowing programming blog. I am sure that is what you had hoped for when you began this. You may be based out of Boston, but soon enough you will have a nationwide rowing box that will be going strong.

        Thank you for the time, effort and consistency that you put into this. I look forward to 8 pm my time, because I know that you will have the next day’s wod up. Take care and I hope that you, your family and everyone at Crossfit Boston and Community Rowing have a very Merry Christmas! And here is to a better, fitter New Year!

      • Thank you Larry! That made my day. Merry Christmas to you and your family and i’ll do my best to keep the encouragement, advice, programming, and awesomeness going! I’d love to bring rowing both indoor and out to many more people in the new year!

      • Just get after it brother!!! I’m a big guy so I was able to push press the 155 pretty easy and fast. Good luck. Ill be looking for your 6 rds + 26m!!! hehehe

      • I am a big guy myself also 49yo 6’7″ 350. Trying to get back down to 300 so I can get my rowing times back down. 6:38 was my best 2k time awhile back.

        I agree with your post to the Coach. It is awesome to have rowing based WODs. As much as I like CF WODs I prefer them centered around rowing. Running is just to hard on my big body.

        Also nice to have that positive community re-enforcement.

  2. Good night Chris, I have misspoken. I am but a 6’0″ 230lb runt. You are two full grown men in one. I’m trying to get to 200lbs. Tell ya what, I’ll make a deal with you, enjoy the rest of the year, but come Jan. 1, every Monday morning, we post our current weight with how much gained or lost from the previous week on here for all to see. Might make us think twice about that cheeseburger!!! Lemme know if you want in. Hope you and your family have the Merriest of Christmas’. Take care big man!

  3. Hey Coach, my 56 year old father in law is coming by at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow for his introduction to the wonderful world of rowing. I’m pumped. He wants to use it as his off-season workout from cycling.

  4. WOW knew that was gonna leave a mark.
    You smoked me on that one Larry! I ended up at 4 rdr + 250m +1 rep. Might have got 5 but my transition distance was a little long from rower to weights.

    Good job on that one Larry. Yea I’m down for weigh ins. Let’s do it.

    Do you have Row Pro? It fun for rowing online against others.

    • I don’t have one but will look into it. That would be fun. Great job today. My setup for this wod was perfect. My squat rack that I was working off of was five steps away from my rower.

      • I don’t have a squat rack so I had to clean the weight first. Hope to get a rack after the first of the year. But it doesn’t hurt to get in that extra movement.

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