Rowing WOD 2/1/13: “Hello Groundhog” – AMMAP10 w/ 5 LEB EMOM – Post Meters

Rowing WOD 2/1/13:

“Hello Groundhog”

Row As Many Meters As Possible in 10 minutes

Chest to the deck!

Chest to the deck!

  • Perform 5 Lateral Erg Burpees Every Minute on the Minute

Happy Groundhog Day!  Ok, so it’s actually on Saturday, but since we’ll be doing interval work in preparation for CRASH-B’s on Saturday we’re going to celebrate today.  Hopefully  the Groundhog tells us winter will be on the way out and we can get back on the water sooner rather than later!

Lateral Erg Burpee Air

If jumping the erg can’t be done perform regular burpees.

Today’s Rowing WOD should provide some fun and burn some calories before we enjoy the big game on Sunday.  This is a great one to challenge a training partner with!  If you’re a novice rower pick one split that you can confidently hold for every stroke that you’re on the erg.  Focus on smooth rowing and being efficient.  If you’re a Vet try to hold your 2k goal split each time you’re on the erg and practice your quick release transitions getting the feet out to do the burpees.  Be sure to push both thumbs down as you pull your toes up to loosen those straps.  Remember, every minute on the minute you must complete 5 lateral erg burpees and you must start with burpees!

Post your total meters to comments.

7 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 2/1/13: “Hello Groundhog” – AMMAP10 w/ 5 LEB EMOM – Post Meters

  1. Oh Lord, I’m having some dreadful flashbacks. Your RR wod that was a 2k row with 5 erg burpees at the top of every minute was by far and away the most painful RR wod that I have done!!! Bar none!!!

      • I hadn’t planned on it. But my workout partner, who was training for the newly created 40-44 master’s division, snapped his humorous bone clean in half doing muscle-ups the other day. So I signed up so that I can compete for him.

  2. Another awesome WOD – 1996m
    Bitterly disappointed I didn’t make the 2km mark, unfortunately my mental strength let me down today! 😦
    Note to self: I must embrace the suck! 🙂

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