Rowing WOD 3/30/13: Row 2k – Post Time, Average Split, and Stroke Rating

Rowing WOD 3/30/13:

Get After It!

Get After It!

2k Row

Today’s Rowing WOD is a 2k Row.  It’s a test of how much pain and glory you can endure over seven to eight minutes.  Grab some friends and get after it.  This is our first test of the Spring season and will give us a baseline to work off of and use in pacing future workouts. Be in the moment, execute your splits, smile, have some fun, breath, and get after it!

Post your 2k results to comments!

2 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 3/30/13: Row 2k – Post Time, Average Split, and Stroke Rating

  1. 2k time of 6:58.5. Average split of 1:44.6. Stoke rating of 32. Achieved my goal of sub 7 2k. Your workouts are great. I’ve had my concept 2 for about 2 1/2 years and been trying to get a sub 7 that whole time. I start following your workouts for two months and like that a sub 7 2k. It’s awesome to finally reach that goal. I want to get even faster and I know I can. So keep up the pain, Coach.

    • Ryan that’s awesome!!! Congrats on going sub 7! Glad you’re enjoying the programming and pushing yourself. Keep working on technique as well and you’ll be going sub 6:50 in no time! Hope you had a great weekend after that epic 2k!

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