Rowing WOD 5/10/13: 7RFD – :30 Row, :30 Rest w/ 3 OH Squats – Post Distances

Rowing WOD 5/10/13:

Kathryn performing a start!

Kathryn performing a start! Learn the starting sequence at the CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course June 8-9 in Boston.

7 Rounds For Distance …

:30 Row (Like 2k Start)

:30 Rest w/ 3 Overhead Squats (115/75 lb)

The second event of Regionals involves 7 minutes of overhead squats.  The 7 minute time domain is similar to a 2k and having that 2k mentality will help.  This will be a good prep day for those competitors looking to work the transitions and rhythm of 3 overhead squats under fatigue.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about the start of the 2k.  In order to be confident and crisp on your start tomorrow, dial it in today.  The starting sequence is usually a number of shorter strokes that build into longer quicker strokes to really get the flywheel moving and the splits down.  I usually coach a simple 1/2 stroke, 3/4 stroke, full stroke with a high 10 immediately after to get the average split under your 2k goal split.  Try to practice this start each round so you’re ready to crush it tomorrow.  Also, be ready to transition quickly from the erg to the overhead squats by pushing the tabs down with your thumbs as you pull your toes toward you.  A smooth squat snatch for the first rep is the way to go on the overhead squats.  Be sure to focus on a tight belly and active shoulders.

Post your overall distance as well as distance each round to comments!  Also comment on your start, the number of strokes you like to take, and how low you get the split.

2 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 5/10/13: 7RFD – :30 Row, :30 Rest w/ 3 OH Squats – Post Distances

  1. Was humping it all the way through and still sat down w/o feet in yet, with only 2 seconds to spare. So no rest at all. You’re evil.

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