Rowing WOD 6/18/13: Max Pressure 12 x :20 On, :40 Off – Post Fastest and Slowest

Rowing WOD 6/18/13:

12 x :20 On, :40 Off

Max Pressure

Have you signed up for the CrossFit Rowing Course in Boston June 8-9?

Elite fitness is all about developing power through high intensity.  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to push your boundaries and test the limits of your speed.  Catch your breath and focus on the 40 seconds off so that you can put every ounce of energy into suspending from the oar and going low on the split.  Compare your results to your 1k race plan.  Do you last through the first 6, but die soon after?  Could you go faster at the start of your 1k?  What happens to your focus in the last couple?  Use your results to adjust your race plan and goal for our next 1k which will be happening Saturday, 6/29.  If you’re competing at the Games you will definitely want to know where your 1k is at so you can adjust for any Rowing WOD that comes up in competition.  The idea of suspension can be very powerful when you’re trying to pull low splits under fatigue.  Check it out below.

Post your fastest and slowest splits to comments.

Try warming up with a couple of strap drills to feel and practice suspending from the oar.    Have Fun!

4 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 6/18/13: Max Pressure 12 x :20 On, :40 Off – Post Fastest and Slowest

  1. 1:38.0 & 1:32.5. Funny thing, my slowest was my first round and my fastest was my last round. Every round got faster.

    • That’s just good rowing! Great work Larry. Short intervals like this often come with a learning curve throughout the workout in addition to your body getting warm and used to the work. I found the same thing happened to me this week doing 5x500m Runs.

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