Rest Day 6/30/13: What did you learn in June? Handstand Challenge!

Rest Day 6/30/13:CFRowing Trainer Course

What did you learn in June?

It’s finally summer and June is already over.  What did you learn?  Did you learn how to suspend from the handle, maintain a consistent split, or vary your ratio?  Did you learn more about your Olympic Lifts?  How hard did you push toward your goals?  What are you looking forward to learning in July and how will you attack your goals differently?  If you had any great revelations or fun stories please share!

Handstand Challenge!First Row

Take 15 minutes today to practice free-standing hand stands.  Who can hold a handstand for more than 5 seconds?  Challenge a friend and have some fun!

Last, but not least… If you’re looking to learn more about rowing and how to do it on the water with a team, then the Renegade Rowing Team is for you!  Tryouts will be held July 19th at CrossFit Boston starting at 6:30pm.  Please sign up on the Programs Page.  The team will train for 8 weeks and then race in September.  Practices will be held at Community Rowing Boathouse from 6:30-8pm on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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